Social Media Launch Checklist: Pinterest Business Edition

Instagram & Facebook had their time to shine: it’s Pinterest’s turn now. Here’s your to-do list for getting started on this powerfully visual platform.

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Social Media Platform Or Search Engine?

There’s less of a focus on interacting and getting to know your fellow users and more on exploring the topics you’re interested in. It sacrifices a strong sense of community for something else: search.

On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, search is more of a bonus feature than a main attraction. On Pinterest, however, users typically log on with keywords already floating through their thoughts:

Wedding ideas. Inspirational quotes. Dream house plans. Travel dreams. Workout routines.

With this checklist, we’ll help you approach Pinterest while seeing the platform for what it really is: a visual search engine. Accepting this fact is to understand something vital about Pinterest user behavior.

High-quality photos, well-written copy, and a consistent posting schedule are all important, but your keywords should be at the center of your content strategy.

Let’s get started!

Part 1: The Credentials

Create A Business Pinterest

If you’re not a business/influencer and don’t need a business profile, you can simply go here and create a regular account. But if you need those Business Profile perks (more on that later), go here.

Choose an Email & Password

Select a Straightforward Username

Select a Profile Photo

Choose a Cover Photo/Video Option

Depending on the Pin group you choose to pull from, the collage graphic will update as you add more Pins. It’s a great way to ensure that your profile is always consistent with the content you’re publishing!

Choose your Display Name

Write an Informative Description

Add a Website Link

Part 2: The Content

Identify Your Imagery Style

And yes, you read that right: you should feel free to aim for multiple different aesthetics if that interests you. Why not if you can keep all of your styles contained in their own, individual board? It’s sort of like having a bunch of different Instagram grids going at once.

You can even use this as a method to determine which style is most popular with your target audience! Just make sure you use vertical images for your Pins, ideally 1000 x 1500 pixels.

Conduct Pinterest Keyword Research

Start off with a handful of keywords related to your business, products, or services, and plug them into the Pinterest search bar. When your search results pop up, so should some related keywords. Give those a look and grab a few that you’ll be able to use in your profile copy.

Choose Your Board Topics

Ideally, these will align with search terms that are popular with your target audience. Consider these keywords when naming your boards. Catchy titles are fun, but more generic names might make your boards more visible.

Publish 3–5 Boards To Get Started

To put it plainly: you don’t have to be nearly as concerned with having an empty profile as you would with Facebook or Instagram. Nevertheless, for those that do happen to wander onto your profile, we’d recommend a handful of boards to start. Make sure your board topics are handy when you create your account.

Select Board Covers

Write Your Board Descriptions

Choose A Ratio For Curated to Original Content

Don’t leave curated/shared content out of your posting strategy. It’s a great way to fill your boards up quickly and put your brand name all over the platform (i.e. in other users’ notifications).

Part 3: The Logistics

Generate A Content Calendar for the Month Ahead

Determine a Posting Schedule

Identify your Posting Tools

Add Your Pinterest Profile Link to your Website

Part 4: The Business Perks

Get To Know The Native Analytics Platform

There are quite a lot of actions a user can take on a single Pin (save the pin, follow the external link, review the pin close-up, leave a comment, etc.), and you’ll be able to filter through that information on your Analytics page.

Set Up Your Ad Account

Plus, since many Pinterest users go on the platform to look for ideas regarding the items they’d like to purchase, these ads target them when they’re already in a buying kind of mood. They might not be for everyone, but why not give it a try? On your Business Hub, you should see an “Ads” drop down menu with everything you’ll need to start your first paid campaign.

Create Unique Graphics For Your Ads

Get Your Audience Pinterested

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As you prepare for your Pinterest debut, tick off each item on the list to mark your progress. If you need any help along the way, follow us on Pinterest to stay tuned for more social media tips (or reach out to us here). Good luck!

Written by Megan O’Keefe | Social Media & Content Specialist at Altos

We are a digital marketing agency specializing in web design and development, eCommerce, search, and social media marketing.