SMS vs. Push Notifications: Which Is Best For Your Marketing Strategy?

Why Use Either, To Begin With?

  • Quickly alert users to flash sales, new offers, and limited space, and
  • Reach users right where they’re already (probably) looking: their smartphones

The Upsides of SMS…

Send links right to your landing pages

Create unique conversations with individual users

Easy to track prior points of contact & engagement

Allows for easy opt-out

Internet connection not needed to receive (but cell service is)

…And Common SMS Pitfalls

May cost $ per SMS

Can be annoying if used improperly

Requires a slightly higher opt-in from users

The Benefits of Push Notifications…

Direct users right to in-app events

Geofencing features in-app allow for highly targeted messaging

Only require internet connection, no cell service

…And When Push Notifications Are Really Pushing It

Can be pretty annoying if used too frequently

Require app download to reach users

How To Get Started

Let’s Strategize

SMS is good for:

  • Urgent or timely notifications
  • Transactional messages & confirmation

Push Notifications are a smart choice for:

  • Offers, discounts, and deals
  • Recommended content & updates
Written by Conor Snell, Social Media & Content Strategist at Altos



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