Facebook Analytics is Shutting Down. Here are the Tools You Can Use Instead

Why This is a Big Deal… And, Really, Why It’s Not

What You Can Do To Stay Ahead When Analytics Is Gone

Alternative Tools to Keep Up Your Facebook Analytics Game

  • Facebook Business Suite — This is a new(ish) tool being rolled out by Facebook for 2021, and it’s being billed as a fresh, all-in-one application for tracking, managing, and optimizing your social strategy on Facebook. Available as a mobile app and on desktop for some users right now, it is definitely a tool worth checking out.
  • Ads Reporting and Ads Manager — While these two tools might be similar, they each offer a pretty nuanced overview of your Facebook Ads performance. As long as you understand the difference between them, that is.
  • Events Manager — If you’ve set up a Facebook presence for a business in the last, oh, 10 years, you already know about Events Manager. This is the tool that’s crucial for connecting your website with your Facebook account, and it’s where you manage everything from custom Ad events to the all-important website pixel.
  • Third-Party Tools (like Buffer) — Like any good agency, we use a variety of reporting and social media monitoring tools to cover our clients. That said, some of these tools might actually feature enough reporting data to keep you on the right track.

It’s Not A Huge Change — But It Could Be A Vision of More Changes Ahead

Written by Conor Snell, Social Media & Content Strategist at Altos



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